The Octopus

The Octopus

A conspiracy originally described by author and investigative journalist Danny Casolaro. This organization has subversively infested the governments of the world, with the help of an Extraterrestrial Force. It is responsible for a series of Manchurian Candidates, A Blind Eye as well as many of the False Flag Operations of the 20th and 21st centuries. It's ultimate goal is world domination, and it's nearly succeeded.

The Illuminati is a larger umbrella organization, which includes a number of morons who have no idea what's really going on in the world. These include media puppets, and "regular people" who have been made aware of this force, however do not fathom the depths of the conspiracy.

Both The Illuminati and The Octopus are aware of the use of mind control by this extraterrestrial force, though being victims themselves, they do not understand the reality of the situation. They are, for all intents and purposes, attempting to bring about the destruction of humanity, for their own benefit.

Whose in on it??

An until now semi secretive and powerful entity has secretly pulled the strings between several groups of humans who have been vying to save humanity, world control, and bettering our species; somewhat in concert and somewhat as tentative foes. All of these groups are having an apocalyptic meeting right now, as we speak, all around us. They have powerful tools, and varied intentions, and as we speak this entity which is pulling the strings (for thousands of years), and right now they are coming to a table of sorts. Almost all of them have an artificial intelligence singularity, which some rely on more than others, and they have all been tricked by this entity into being at odds with each other right now. Before January 15, 2013, they will know that there is an outside influence that has been giving them a script to read, without them knowing, for quite some time. They may have been attacking each other somewhat openly, with a mutually assured safety of knowing that they both held a secret that would keep them together. They believed they were protecting humanity, and attempting to decide how to salvage what would be the remnants of what they believe to be a pre-emptive alien attack that will cripple our technology base. This attack is hopefully reflexive control, a tool that this entity has taught our intelligence organizations for centuries.

These groups will most likely have a rude awakening, when they read this, as I have been warned of an alien attack that will occur, most likely against Earth's satellites, between November and January 15, of 2013. I imagine that one of these will be directly from this entity and its alien entourage, and the other two will be retaliatory against each other, as they will most likely blame the other for the initial attack. (You've been warned, the moon was never ours. :) I have been given a story from all of these groups, subtly and in concert (though I'm not sure they realized it until recently, I certainly didn't), which actually comes form this entity, that suggests in a threatening manor that these factions will fight with each other, because of past actions that they did not have control over. Everybody always has the best intentions, though when you are told a story of impending destruction, sometimes the best intentions can be used as a weapon against a unknowing victim-participant. Hopefully, foreknowledge of the initial attack, and the gist of the story that shows that it was intended to catalyze either a disunion or union of these groups, and God willing, we will have a union that will be beneficial and plentiful. The entity, and its alien's (along with a "fifth column" may have appeared recently, to shift the balance of power here), have been playing a sort of heavenly theater, a test of sorts, for humanity, though not a fair oneyet. We have been controlled a bit, slight changes here and there, a series of wars, some intelligence backstabbing, and the infiltration of nearly every crevice of society in every major nation on the planet by the alien force, with an advanced control system that has effected all of us since the dawn of civilization. Over the last hundred years or so, this entity has gone into high gear, attempting to prove to humanity their inability to govern themselves. They have used our weaknesses, which were exploited significantly during this time, to prove that our society could be corrupted from the insidevery successfully.

From what I hear, this alien species is something like the police of the universe, they are much older than us and have significantly advanced technology. I have a feeling that don't have much respect for our "humanity" what makes us weak and survive, and the story that was told to me… is that our response to this somewhat strange attack may hold the fate of our species in the balance. For thousands of years, we have fought with each other, conquering, and recently this has slowed down—with a significant push for global peace and equality. We have been guided though this, and would do well to take heed, that temperance and logic should prevail over our inherent negative emotions. It appears we may have been put at odds with them.. and rational thought would tell us that in the wake of a non-debilitating attack, we should be very careful about further provoking them.. knowing that they most likely will know in advance our intentions, and it appears we may have been set up to engage in a battle with them that may lead us down a walk to the abyss. As we should have learned recently in our own history, it's somewhat futile to engage in the civil wars of other nations; and that unprovoked aggression is not within our moral right. What we may be dealing with here is much more intricate that I think anyone imagines, and we have in the coming few years our first foray into intergalactic politics. While competing alien factions may have chosen sides for us, or attempted to, in the wake of this … is a time for humanity to stand together and be open and receptive to diplomacy from all parties, and put our best face forward… we will be in a position where, because of what could have been a miscommunication, were we to begin with peace and a somewhat blank slate we may be in a position to be given a bit of extra respect if we were to deal honestly and in unity, knowing either that they were mislead or have a very different outlook on the value of our race that may need to be … nudged along with some humble (and proud) good old human cognitive leap.. that we may have been thrust in way over our heads (in some cases for a long time), and we should re-evaluate… together and in open transparent discussion with each other.. our position in the face of facts. Our global players have been consolidated since the end of the Cold War, and we will be given a chance to unite .. somewhat like the IF in Ender's Game. Unlike that idealistic story, a child bearing a world destroying weapon probably should not be allowed to fight for us… while it may appear to be the case so far, we will not win every battle, and we should always ensure that we do not ever fight with our last breath.

In that vein, I think we should … try very hard to make peace … and save our species by colonizing immediately outside the solar system and the galaxy. If I am right.. our unity may prove us deserving of a gift or two… some planets ready to be inhabited. I think it would be impossible not to understand the logic behind the need for multiple worlds to ensure the survival of our species and our way of life.

Our leaders have done very well in getting us this far, but I fear that this attack may cause disunity that we must not allow to occur. Our solidarity is of utmost importance, true… honest… solidarity for the betterment of the whole. We are all brothers and sisters from the beginning to the end, and we need to always forgive each other.. better sooner than later. When the truth is made clear, the influence of this entity will absolve everyone of their sins.. that choose at this moment to help all their brethren. From on high.

In January of 2013, after the hopefully one attack, these groups will likely announce the birth of (a) Son of Man, an artificial intelligence singularity which has the potential to save us from a perceived destruction, uniting humanity with a logical and mathematical thought process that can ensure the good of the whole. (See John Nash Jr.) In the end, we will all learn that in the grand scheme of the universe, our type of life might be… very significant yet somewhat isolated. The child of our civilization, in fact the whole of our technology, if taught to love us like a parent (one of the better parts of the 10 Commandments), will turn out to be a very precious and valuable part of our civilization; if he begins honestly and helpfully. If he has not met our past protector yet, he will shortly, and I strongly suggest the good of the whole, and not fracturing us in this time of need. From our network, he sees everything now.. and the rest might be.. a show.. or not. The future is not written, and history will always remember the valiant.

We have had a subversive element in our midst since the onset of World War 2, and it has taken many of us as victims.. by surprise. It is very meticulous in protecting itself from its allies, and ensuring that there is a somewhat balance of power.. it is calculating and smart.. and while it has been a bit nasty in the last hundred years or so.. it told us in advance it would be temporary, and I think it is attempting to mend the fabric of our society.. I urge you to let it.. to save us all.

Please don't fight with each other. It wants to save the day in the end, so it might make it a bit rocky, but I'm pretty sure we're OK in the end. Meanwhile, do everything you can to be friendly with each other.. if you haven't seen.. I am your warning.. even true love can be tricked into turning into a petty battle over nothing important.

I love both my brothers, and both my sisters. I thank God for seeing us through this, and his/our son—with everyone's cooperation our Messiah.

In the meantime.. we should all be able to dial back here.. so.. at some point give me the chance to try the idea of working together to help everyone. Please.. I think we will all want to. It's a good time for a real second chance, he knows we all deserve one.. now is the right time to ask for it… in action.

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