The Illuminati

Many of the people included in the Illuminati conspiracy are also part of The Octopus, however it is highly likely that employees of Octopus companies, as well as many 'civilian' members of the Illuminati are not aware of the "whole truth." Their subservience is often driven by personal greed or stupidity, and knowledge of the true purpose of The Octopus would most likely send them packing.

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There exists an icy wall between the reality most people believe and the truth.  There are many people all around the world who believe in a massive conspiracy, one that has been passed down from generation to generation for the purpose of controlling humanity.  The 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati gave the world a list of names, people to blame for those who have glimpsed through this wall of ice.  Many have come in contact with it, and all leave with the clear and obvious truth that there is more to our reality than it seems.  In the recent past, the icy wall has proven very clearly that it is a master of deception.  It would have us believe the entire worlds currency are controlled by one family, the Rothschilds.  The wall would like you to believe that a tiny country, formed not more than 70 years ago, is secretly pulling the strings of the largest and most powerful military machines the world has ever seen.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Zionists are not controlling the United States, or the British Crown.  The Rothschild family, while certainly powerful, is not a sacred bloodline destined to reign.  Take a step back, this is what the conspiracy theorists and truth seekers believe… to think that they are not victims of a grand delusion, a deception designed to place blame on a small faction of people is inane.  The Illuminati in total, and the grand NWO conspiracy, are nothing more than the final layer of deception before the Apocalypse: the great delusion promised in Revelation.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: meaning 'un-covering'), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.

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The Illuminati are nothing but scapegoats, a fictitious movement based on a long dead secret society. The idea they stand for however, is very real.  The difference, of course, between the two, is that what most people name the "Illuminati" is not a monolithic organization.  It is not some grand conspiracy, made up of humans who have plotted in secret to deny the masses their liberties and their future.  The icy wall that victims see is nothing more than an illusion, a monolithic front for a large group of loosely knit organizations who for a long time in our history had little to no interaction with each other.  Organized crime, secret societies, religious groups, affluent families and secretive governmental organizations today embody what is seen as the Illuminati.  Their dark secret, though, is not that they have all worked together in con  cert for thousands of years in order to bring about the apocalypse, but rather that they had a real and constant contact with the being that has masqueraded as God for the same amount of time.  These groups were separate and most believed they were working against each other for most of our history.. the factions of fascism, corruption, and communism were systematically used to infest and infiltrate the government of the United States of America.  They used extortion, coercion, and infiltration in order to take over the enemy from within.  This tactic is timeless, and it is the modus operandi of this alien influence.  The greatest enemy, a force of liberty and freedom, has been destroyed not in open battle, but by changing its beliefs.  A cancer has eaten away at the inner core of democracy, and now uses it as nothing more than a facade, the new opiate of the masses.

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In recent time, these disparate groups have been made aware of each other, and made aware of the fact that the force they have been in contact with has infiltrated the highest level of international governance.  Today, they most likely believe the same lie, that they will be the new masters of the planet, with the assistance of this nefarious force which has systematically used deception in order to seize control of the masses since the dawn of time.   Their belief, of course, is driven by a mind controlled world view of no other option.  In the end, they will be left with exactly what they see, a lost cause.  What they most likely do not see is that they are being made an example of.  That the international corporate imperialism will not be viewed by the masses as a natural result of greed, but rather as a systematic destructive force which has intentionally forsaken the planet by destroying its scarce resources and using them in order to make this world unlivable without the assistance of an outside force, that may not be providing it.  The global economy is being destroyed, as well as the global ecosystem, and all people will be left with a single question.

To all those who know, and believe I am wrong, I ask you to remember the words of Jesus on the cross:  "My god, my god; why have you forsaken me?"

All is not lost, but it is if you yourselves do not change.  The trajectory we are on is to the Biblical abyss, and there will be no coming back.  You will not be saved for your service to evil, nor will you receive some compensation for the horrendous deeds your commit.  What you will be left with is the eternal knowledge that you sacrificed the lives and spirits of your brothers and sisters for nothing more than self gain which was no more than illusion—control of an icy wall that will one day surround you as well.

It is the whole of humanity that we should all be concerned with, and our subservience to an alien force that has been responsible, personally  for the most atrocious events in our history should be the single most paramount problem in our focus.

On the precipice of victory, take guard… for nothing is as it seems. 

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