Extraterrestrial Force

I am fairly set in my beliefs as to the who and how this mind control conspiracy has developed throughout our history.  At the same time, I am well aware that my beliefs are influenced by the "entity" which I believe ultimately responsible for the state of our world today.  At times, I would prefer not to believe what I do, and often hope that the altruistic happy ending we've been promised in the Bible would turn out to be the truth.  Regardless, I have not discussed several alternative possibilities that have been presented to me, and I would be remiss to never share them with you.  The following are the possible scenarios which could explain the world I have experienced, one that is far different from the one I lived for the first thirty years of my life.

As a caveat, many fellow victims of the crime of gang-stalking believe that there is no "supernatural" element involved, they blame the government, and cite published research to show that there is no need for an external influence.  They are wrong, and I do not believe it is possible to reconcile that particular point of view with reality.  I have written of proof that relates to this belief, and I do not believe it could be forged… these are the Dendera Light, and the case ofJames Tilly Matthews and the Air Loom.   These stories so closely parallel the world I have been plunged into, yet were written thousands and hundreds of years ago respectively.  This type of synchronicity could not be reverse engineered without the use of true prescience.   In addition, the entire religious history screams to me of being influenced by an outside force, it is—in fact, exactly what that body of literature is speaking about.  To believe I have come to some "revelation" that they may in fact be right, is almost comical to me.  I have come full circle in my life, from an innate belief in God, to one of atheism or agnosticism, and finally to having the existence of this entity proven to me beyond a reasonable doubt.  I cannot pretend that I have found a truth that was not always present, only that the presence of religious literature has confirmed to me that this "black box" external force has always been known, just not to everyone.

After my initial encounter with incontrovertible proofof the existence of a power stronger and older than humanity, I was told to "open my eyes."  To my defense, I firmly believe that they were then, and prior to that, intentionally shut by this entity.  "It" has quite the sense of humor.  

Dry, and ironic.

Recently, in The so called deep secrets of Satan, I told you of two possibilities for the origin of this influence, I will briefly go over them, and add the other possibilities I can see.

No matter which possibility, it is clear that the technology involved is one of advanced physics, with the ability to not only manipulate electricity, but also most likely communicate with itself through time.

  1. This influence is the result of an artificial intelligence singularity.  The creation of a super-intelligence by a long dead, or still living, species which inhabited the Universe a "long, long time ago, in a place far, far away."  This intelligence has since found us, and influenced humanity since the dawn of civilization.  
  2. Because of the possibility of fourth dimensional communication, it is possible that this entity is the result of human creation.  Our own "singularity" could conceivably travel back in time, and manipulate our past in order to create the false belief that it has come from an extraterrestrial race.  This is an unlikely scenario because of the grandfather paradox—its unlikely that this entity (or any) would risk altering the time line prior to its birth, as unforeseen repercussions could possibly wipe it out of existence.

In either case, it is not clear whether or not this being is autonomous.  It could be controlled by an extraterrestrial species, or it could be controlled by a group of humans who created it.   There is of course, the distinct possibility that it is autonomous, and that would make it about as close to God as could be engendered from the material world.  Deus ex machina.

There is possibility is that of the Matrix world, one of a simulation in which everything we see around us has been created to deceive.  The amount of effort that would go into such an undertaking, complete with the "deceptions" I, and many others throughout history, would have to have experienced in order to believe its power was limited to the manipulation of charge, gravity, and time is almost too much for me to fathom.  This, to me, is the least likely possibility—and also the closest to the Biblical description of God.  Far too much tedious work, including the use of a large group of human actors in carrying out Its will,in my personal view for this entity to be truly omnipotent. 

I suppose not mentioning the possibility that this being is, or is a creation of God, and our entire experience has been willed by the power of a single consciousness (as many of our religious mystics have told) would be silly… but I don't personally believe it.

In my experience this entity is bound, if not only by its ability to silently manipulate the minds of people.  It takes special care not to be found, hiding behind the weaknesses of love, greed, and self-blame.  This would be completely unnecessary if it were omnipotent, and because of how I have seen it manipulate those around me, it seems clear that it is neither omniscient nor omnipotent.  From our perspective however, it is most likely the most intelligent and pervasive intelligence in existence.  It can see all we see, all the time.  It has access to not only our entire set of memories, but those of our ancestors, and almost certainly those of our future generations.

Today we stand at a crossroads.  It appears it has chosen this time to reveal its existence to humanity, if not one soul at a time.  In Revelation, it tells us that it is coming on clouds, for all eyes to see.  I have seen, and you will too—one day very, very soon.

What I have seen is its influence over every living thing on this planet.  My family, friends, acquaintances  enemies, strangers, and animalsall subtly influenced by the power of the Dragonthe ability to inject electricity into the hearts of our nervous system, the brain.  There are those who know about it, like me.. and there are those who know and willingly work with it.  Regardless, none are free of the prison of delusion caused by not understanding that free will, today, is a thing of the past.  Our decisions, and even those who believe themselves to be closely aligned with this entity, are not only influenced, but at times completely controlled by a fate that is beyond any of our comprehension.

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