100 Year Prophesy
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Overtly placed in history for the last 100 years, a prophesy lurks in the shadows waiting to be unveiled to you. Timelike synchronicity is one key to unlocking understanding, but all you need to really see the truth is to take a step back, and gape in horrific awe at the steep slope our civilization has tumbled down since Huxley and Orwell met at Eton (Eden) in 1917.  It's a sad story, when you know the black truth, and even more disheartening when you realize that there are so many people living their lives in some form of strong delusion in between the whiteness of ignorance and the fifty shades of subservience to this conspiracy.  Few are allowed to view the whole truth, yet so many are knowingly involved in the destruction of freedom, the environment, and our future that one day we will all look back shockingly and wonder how it could have happened without us realizing.

The Genesis Synchronicity describes a 100 year span, from 1916 to 2016 which is described by the parallel timelines of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Between 1916 and 1917 these authors went to Eton College, and over the course of the next 58 years, prophesies relating to the The Modern Fall of Man would be delivered to all. The pattern culminates exactly 100 years from Orwell's entry to Eton, in 2016.

Don't take my word for it. This 100 years, have been prophesied by two Popes.

In 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a vision of a 100 year period where Satan would be given increased power. A striking parallel to Orwell's title of 1984, exactly 100 years later. Over three hundred years earlier, a Pope by the same name, Leo X, would prophesy the apocalypse to occur in exactly 500 years… in 2016. In a synchronic twist, Leo XIII's vision concerned Satan's desire to destroy the Church, and Leo X reigned during the time of Martin Luther's Protestant reformation. 1516 marked the end of Leo X's attempt to create a centralized Italian kingdom, perhaps an allegory for our New World Order. Reports vary, but the prophesy of Leo X puts his end squarely in the period of 2012-2016.

What is happening?

In The Coming Invasion,a vast conspiracy was revealed to you, revolving around the use of fossil fuels and greed as a mechanism to both destroy our environment, and sap money from the economy. I left out an important effect, and it may be theeffect that is the true cause behind JFK's monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.  It's called peak oil, and it might be more real than you think.  At the same time that Orwell's vision was fulfilled through the trickery of September 11, and Huxley's at the same time, that tragic event too was fueled by greed with the motivation of extracting and burning oil.  False wars in Iraq, Syria, and most likely soon to be Iran; have driven clearly towards the goal of ensuring that in the not so near future, our fossil fuel resources will be completely depleted.

At the same time, this conspiracy is responsible for the Cold War which also appears to have been somewhat of an incestuous information operation with clear and known collusion between the USSR and the USA the whole time. The purpose, even hidden to the governments themselves at the time, was to refine uranium, weaponize it, and the store it—it's obvious because that's exactly what happened. Why on Earth do we need 5,000 warheads? The world would be destroyed with the use of 1% of those. Still, we mined, refined, enriched, and stored so much uranium that the ulterior motive behind the Cold War should be clear to everyone.

What's the goal? Left without fossil fuels and uranium our technocratic civilization crumbles. We are fallen, back to the world of Huxley's Island, small communities living off the land, decentralized once again, and unable to flourish outside the planet Earth.  It's a distinct possibility that this is exactly the purpose of the last hundred years.  Timelike synchronicity points to Island as being a prototype the actual fulfillment of Revelation between 2012 and 2016.  The mechanism of action, just as the prophesy is revealed in inspired and prophetic fiction may come from one last synchronicity, the truth.


In 1951, an Earth Halting movie was released, one in which an alien species made contact and demanded that we cease preparations for a nuclear war, demanding this in fact—or face certain anhiliation.  In 2008, it was re-made, using our destruction of the environment, mostly through the reckless burning of fossil fuel, as the new cause for their arrival.  We've been warned in our literature, and most likely much more overtly at the upper levels of global government.  

To the NSA, the The Illuminati, and all whose truths lie between mine and their shade of gray, consider the story of Island written in 1962, it is the final prophesy delivered in this pattern, and it tells of a decentralized post apocalyptic world in which globalization has been shattered.  How could this happen… what if we had no more fossil fuels, and no uranium, what would be left?

VALIS in 2014, Total Recall in 2016.  Stop this before it's too late, it's quantum entanglement..

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